XEO Laser Treatments


Wrinkles / Tone / Texture:

Minimally Invasive:

Pearl 2790 nm
• New wavelength designed for safety, results and optimal healing
• Achieves full epidermal turnover in one treatment• Treats fine wrinkles, uneven texture, pore size and dyschromia


Titan 1100-1800 nm
• Unique tailored infrared device with volumetric heating for collagen contraction and stimulation

Laser Genesis 1064 nm

  • Proprietary microsecond laser technology

  • Improves diffuse redness, wrinkles, large pores, fine lines and uneven texture on all skin types.

Pearl Fractional 2790 nm

  • Designed to improve upon other fractional ablative technologies

  • Aggressively treats a broad range of deep dermal conditions, including non-responsive perioral and periocular areas

  • Significant results are achieved in a single treatment

  • High physician and patient satisfaction

    Pearl Fusion – combining Pearl and Pearl Fractional in a single treatment

  • Improves wrinkles, uneven skin texture, scarring, pore size, pigmentation and sun damage

  • Unique combination treats both deep dermal conditions and epidermal photodamage

  • Ideal soution for confluent coverage and deep fractional ablation

Permanent Hair Reduction:

CoolGlide Hair Removal (CV) 1064 nm
• Market leader in long pulse 1064 nm laser for all skin types and tanned skin

ProWave 770-1100 nm
• Only programmable, calibrated flashlamp for safe, fast treatments for skin type I-IV

Vascular / Pigmented Lesions:


CoolGlide Vascular (Excel) 1064 nm

  • Treats the broadest range of facial and leg veins, including deep reticular vessels

  • Excellent adjunct to sclerotherapy

    LimeLight 520-1100 nm

  • 3 programmable wavelengths with cooling

  • Safely treats diffuse redness, facial telangiectasia , rosacea, high-and-low contrast solar lentigines

    AcuTip 500-635 nm
    • First targeted treatment tip for discrete pigmented and vascular lesions

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