What do I do about my breakouts?

What do I do about my breakouts?



Overcomplicate your skincare! Too much of anything can be a bad things, especially when there are so many products are out in the market. So take a minute and remove items that are unnecessary. Basics = SPF, face wash, moisturizer, serum, or active agent

Cover it up with even more makeup! Of course, when we have a breakout the first thing we do is cover it up with concealer. However, this can block your pores, which perpetuates more breakouts.

Apply a sulfur based, or benzoyl peroxide based agent before applying any makeup or coverup.

Instead, cover the red with the color green (counteracts the color) — Clinique and CoverFx green tinted concealer are options to help minimize the red

Get too many facials too often or doing ablative procedures when you have active acne. More does not mean better. Procedures such as micro needling should never be done while you have active breakouts.

Switch your products too quickly too often. All good things take time. It takes 4-6 weeks for your skin to start improve. Give it time.


Stop and Reset. It is perfectly acceptable to be basic. Facewash, SPF< moisturizer, serum, or active agent

  • Facewash = try a salicylic acid, glycolic acid, or foaming face wash for oily skin
  • moisturizer = oil free, non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic
  • SPF= make sure its high in zinc (will help with breakouts)
  • Active agent: Glycolic or preferably retnoic acid

Be patient. This is the toughest one. It takes 4-6 weeks fro your skin to adapt to new products, so give it time. Hyperpigmentation can also take a few weeks to resolve. Wear your SPF and keep going with the AHA and BHA acids!

Allow for the purge and change in skin and texture. Retinoids and other lactic acids can cause a short period of breakouts. It’s ok! This allows for cell turnover and unclogged pores.

When do your breakouts tend to occur? Before your period, after the gym, after you shave? This may be the clue how to fix them.

Stop Stressing – start those workouts you keep pushing for, because stress and skin do NOT mix.

See a Dermatologist! – If you have tries everything and your skin isa having breakouts still. It’s time. Bring all your products to the appointment and get the help your skin may need. This is when I sometimes reset my patient’s plans and usually 2 months in they have a much more confident outlook!

Let us know if you have any other dermatology questions you want answered!


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