Wacky Worldwide Trends

Wacky Worldwide Trends


Ever wanted to know about interesting beauty and dermatology trends around the world? Well, let’s talk about some of them…

Dermatology in… Ireland: Self Tanner

Self tanner, self tanner, self tanner!

In 2014, Ireland bought more self tanner than any other country!

Dermatology in… United Kingdom: Scalp Botox

Women in the UK are choosing to get scalp botox (!!) to reduce sweating on their scalp, which allows for their blow dry to last longer… aka blotox. This same concept is used to reduce sweating in the underarms.

Dermatology in… India: Turmeric

Curcumin, the active agent, clinically improves wound healing, improves collagen, and reduces inflammation… but be careful! Turmeric can stain the skin yellow and has very poor skin absorption on direct application and ingestion at high doses can be toxic.

Dermatology in… Australia: Miracle Plant

The Kakadu plum is crushed and placed over the face at night. This plant is raved to have high Vitamin C and anti-inflammatory properties towards breakouts— but be careful! Plants high in Vitamin C can lead to allergic reactions and pigmentation complications when exposed to sunlight.

Instead, Dermadoctor has a Kakadu serum with 20% Vitamin C Serum that you could try out!

Dermatology in… Chile: Grapes

Red grapes high in reservatrol and VitaminC are crushed and placed over the face with a cool cloth by women looking for a brighter complexion.

Skinceuticals serum reservatrol BE serum or the CE Ferulic acid serum can provide high doses of concentrated Vitamin C and/or reservation

What are some of your interesting beauty trends? Let us know in the comments below!


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