Patient Testimonials

After my prior dermatologist closed his practice I asked around and was recommended here. Yesterday was my first appointment with Dr. Divya Shokeen and it just doesn’t get any better. After filling out new client paperwork I was seen at exactly my appointment time and the time I spent with Dr. Shokeen was extraordinary. We met, she listened to my concerns, examined me and determined what was necessary and explained the situations thoroughly. It was one of the best physician experiences I have had in my life. I will definitely be returning.
— M.B.
I had a benign spot removed and it healed perfectly with no trace. Then I started on some new products for my face recommended by Dr. Shokeen, and I can honestly say my skin hasn’t been this clear in years, maybe ever.
— T.S.
My career is on-camera and I have never trusted a physician more with treating my face than Dr. Shokeen. As a patient with an olive complexion, I have found it extremely difficult to find a dermatologist who truly understands the complexities of treating darker skin tones. Dr. Shokeen’s expertise, her level of professionalism and her in-depth knowledge on peels and cosmetic enhancements are truly unmatched. I love how she checks up on me after treatments. I cannot recommend her enough!
— N.K.
I’ve been seen by Dr. Duffy for 30 years. I’ve had chemical peels, laser, vein injections, micro derm, lip enhancement, hair removal-I’ve done it all. I have never left with anything but the best treatment and results. If you want to look like a perpetually surprised, plastic Barbie-go to a different Doctor. Dr. Duffy never leaves a mark- he enhances your natural beauty and explains the whole procedure. He’s always been kind about the pain level-I’m a wimp-and he takes so much care in making me comfortable and numbing me. He’s worked on the best, and I will continue to go the him because he is the best. His staff is fantastic-professional and helpful. 30 years of practice shows in every nuance of his work.
— S.D.
Nurse Stefani injected me with Botox and Juvederm and I didn’t have One bruise! She is AMAZING, such a delicate injector and incredibly skilled. She has a great eye and won’t let you be “Overdone.” I purchased 3 syringes with a promotion and wanted her to do a little more since we had a little bit more in the syringe, she insisted I was good as is, and didn’t want me to look like I had done too much. She was Correct. I was incredibly happy with my outcome. My husband didn’t notice but my girlfriends said I looked great. I also bought some Skinmedica TNS serum and I love it. Thank you Stefani.
— T.P.
Dr. Duffy has been in practice for over 30 years in general and cosmetic dermatology. I went in to get my legs treated for spider veins and I am happy with my treatment because it was painless and I got great results. He has a friendly demeanor and his staff are very knowledgeable.
— J.E.
Thank you so much for my natural yet show-stopping face Stefani!!! SO many people have complimented me on how great I look!!! I look like myself but a few years younger with 12 hours of sleep a night. I am obsessed with my look. Your hands are the best!! I would never let anyone else touch my face.
— M.D.
I feel so blessed to have been referred to Dr. Bierman for the treatment of my skin cancer on my face. The way that she handled my care was with the upmost professionalism. I felt so comfortable, even though I was initially nervous about the procedure. 4 months later, I can’t even find the scar! I will be ever grateful and would strongly recommend her to anyone.
— B.M.
Dr. Khalsa and all his staff are the absolute best. His superior professional expertise and knowledge made the experience absolutely wonderful. He spent the time to explain every procedural detail and let me make the final decision prior to going forward. I am truly grateful to have him on my medical team.
— K.S.
Ocean Skin And Vein Institute