Mineral Brushes: What are they and what can they do for you?

As dermatologists we recommend sunscreens as a part of your daily skincare routine no matter what. But, sunscreens only last on your skin for a limited period of time, so we further insist on reapplication. But who wants to reapply creams every 80 minutes? Very few of my patients, especially if they already have a full face of makeup on. Enter: Powdered sunscreens.

So, how can they be a powder?

Powdered sunscreen contain mineral blockers: Titanium and Zinc Oxide. These originally come in powdered form, so applying them with a tint is similar to applying them in a cream form.

How much do I apply?

There is still a debate on this matter, but my rule of thumb for patients is: two passes over the whole face with even application.

I sit in front of the computer all day, do I need to reapply?

YES, here is why:

Do you have windows at work?

UVA penetration can occur through windows.

What about your computer screen? Blue light from computers, iPads, and iPhones project blue light, which, unlike UVA and UVB, is part of the visible spectrum. Initial studies have shown this leads to early macular degeneration, photo aging, wrinkles;es, and hyper pigmentation. Yikes. But, wearing a physical mineral blocker can help minimize these risks!

Now, which one do you use?

Don’t have one? Come into Ocean Skin and Vein today and pick up an ISDIN mineral brush!

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