Pore Problems?

Why do pores appear larger?

Pores dilate as they become black with dirt, oil, and buildup. this dilation causes the appearance of enlarged pores.

So, can I reduce them in size?

Yes. If you use products and agents that minimize oil, acne, and buildup, pore size can definitely make them appear a lot smaller or less noticeable.

Can I completely get rid of them?

No. Pores are part of your anatomy and everyone has them, so the goal should be to minimize them.

What can I do to minimize them?

  1. Always wash your face twice a day and never go to bed with makeup on!

  2. Use a gentle cleanser- if you strip your skin of too much oil, your skin will compensate and produce more.

  3. Wash your makeup brushes— bet yet, use one-time-use sponges instead. Why rotate around the oil and makeup even more?

  4. Exfoliate at least 2-3x a week. Ok,. by exfoliate, I mean CHEMICALLY. Use a glycolic acid peel, Deciem, or retinoic acid to help chemically cause an increase in cell turnover.

  5. Moisturize your face- this one always receives push back. If I have oily skin, why do I need to moisturize? Moisturizers that are NON-comedogenic (Cetaphil oil free moisturizer, Neutrogena hydro boost) will minimize excess oil production on your skin after you wash you face

  6. Wear your SPF! - SPF has come a long way, now coverage can be found in your SPF- Clarin’s UV Plus Anti-Pollution Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Tinted Sunscreen is a great one for everyday coverage and SPF Protection.

  7. Face Masks- Those will charcoal and clay can help absorb oil. But only 1-2x a week!

  8. Cosmetic- Consider medical grade chemical peels, non-ablative lasers (fraxel), or microneedling to increase collagen growth which decreases the appearance of pores.

  9. Get Isdin or ColorScience UV Brush powder to blot the oil and residue of the day. Remember to clean the brush!

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