Skin Care FAQ's: Pt 2

Because you can never have too many skincare tips, here are a few more of our most common questions from patients answered!

Why do some deodorants cause so much irritation?

The active agent in deodorants are usually aluminum based. This can cause an irritation in patients with sensitive skin. Some patients use essential oils and fragrances which can also cause terrible allergic reactions. So, after some research, here are some alternatives that are fragrance free, paraben free, and alcohol free:

-Vichy 24-hour dry touch roll on deodorant

-Crystal body deodorant

-Vanicream Anti-perspirant

How can I slow down aging?

Prevention! Did I mention SPF and retinol/retinoid acid though? Let me reiterate… SPF 30 and higher with reapplication! Retinoic acid every night! SPF prevents collagen damage and retinoid acid helps to build it.

When should I start botox?

Actually, you should start botox in your 30’s, BEFORE deep lines set in. Botox relaxed the underlying muscles so there are fewer creasing wrinkles overlying. If you can prevent the wrinkles early, you can prevent the deep lines from developing in the first place.

How do I fix uneven pigmentation or brown spots?

Vitamin C + Retinol/Retinoic acid + SPF is the winning combination. Sometimes you need a little more help and that’s when you see a board certified dermatologist (Like me :))

How do I know what my skin type is?

Great question! So, usually everyone falls into the following categories: Normal, dry, combination, oily. Combination is usually the most common skin type: T zone is oil and dry on the cheeks. Oily is generally oily skin over your entire face, regardless of the time of day or month of year. Dry skin tends to be flaky and cracking in general (again not significantly improved during summer or winter).

What are your skincare questions? Let us know!

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