Myths vs. Reality: Food and Dermatology

Myths vs. Reality: Food and Dermatology


We are sure you have heard a ton of myths about certain foods and how it can effect your skin… but how much of it is actually true? Keep reading to find out if you need to change your dermatology routine!

DERMATOLOGY MYTH #1: Oil ingestion is just bad for your skin.

REALITY: No! Omega-3 fatty acids are found in foods including walnuts, some fruits and vegetables, and fish. Omega-6 is found in foods such as eggs, poultry, cereals, vegetable oils, baked goods, and margarine. Both Omega-3 and Omega-6 are necessary, but too much omega-6 (especially fried foods) can lead to inflammation of the skin. Omega-3 works by decreasing that inflammation!

DERMATOLOGY MYTH #2: Good dermatology means ALL dairy products should be eliminated

REALITY: No, not ALL dairy is terrible for your skin. Hard cheeses, whole fat milk, and alternatives such as soy and almond are not related to acne flares. However, skim milk, soft cheese, and even low fat dairy products are in fact related to acne flares.

DERMATOLOGY MYTH #3: Chocolate is bad for your skin

REALITY: Not really. Chocolate that has a high glycemic index (milk chocolate and high sugar content) predisposes you to acne. Sugar causes an insulin spike, which can lead other hormones to spike, and in turn lead to acne. So what should you do? Cocoa beans do not yet have a link to acne— so try dark chocolate to end that craving!

DERMATOLOGY MYTH #4: Beverages don’t effect your skin.

REALITY: False, they do. White wine, sweet wines, high sugar content drinks, and even some diet sodas can again cause an insulin spike and lead to acne. In general, alcohol is dehydrating. Red wine is actually high in Resveratrol, an antioxidant that is even added to creams applied to the skin (but in moderation).

DERMATOLOGY MYTH #5: Banana peels can get rid of acne.

REALITY: False— unfortunately, there is no evidence that banana peels or any other fruit peel will help fade acne marks. Instead, try beaching creams such as Hydroqunione or Retin-A to help with the acne and spots.

DERMATOLOGY MYTH #6: Skin and hair get used to products, which means we have to change them frequently.

REALITY: Actually, this is probably not true. What changes is your age, weather conditions, hormones, and medication. Keep products consistent, because changing products too much changes your skin pH too much which can lead to breakouts.

DERMATOLOGY MYTH #7: Collagen supplements make my hair, skin, and nails much stronger.

REALITY: True and false. Collagen provides volume to your skin and breaks down with age and sun exposure. Many dermatologists, like myself, have not seen enough evidence to prove that collagen in the form of dietary intake can be appropriately absorbed through the stomach pH. However, people who take collagen supplements tend to eat better, exercise, and hydrate, hence the better skin, nails, and hair.

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