Fad Friday: Common Dermatology Questions

Fad Friday: Common Dermatology Questions


Let’s talk about some of the most common questions I get about products and dermatology:

Do you think Jade Rollers help?

Jade rollers are stone rollers that can be used for application of moisturizers, are cooling, and can be used to help with lymphatic drainage. Though in theory it sounds great, I feel that the device keeps most of your product as opposed to getting it on your face. As for lymphatic drainage, you would have to place the appropriate pressure with strokes in the downward direction to get the desired effect.

Is Witch Hazel as a toner good for you?

Witch Hazel (which is commonly used as a toner) is an anti-inflammatory agent which can improve redness and reduce oil production so that it improves acne. As many others before, it is also an allergen, hence should be applied with care. Toners usually contain lots of alcohol and can be irritating to the skin, so in comparison, Witch Hazel is a safe alternative. But, overuse can be over drying so use sparingly.

Do blackhead pore strips help with your pore size?

Blackheads are formed from oil and dead skin cell debris that collect in a hair follicle opening on the nose and cheeks. When exposed to oxygen, it oxidizes and develops a black pigment. Applying blackhead strips remove hair, debris, and impacted oil. It is a temporary fix. A better long term solution for pores would be retinoic acid. It helps to shrink oil glands and minimize collection of dead skin cells that can block the pore.

How much does diet influence your skin? Do collagen drinks work?

You are what you eat. High sugar diets can break down collagen over a period of time. High glycemic index foods can cause breakouts. It has also been proven that skim milk and whey protein can cause acne flares. Collagen drinks have yet to show viable benefits. It is always better to eat your vitamins than take them in a pill form!

What are some of your dermatology/skincare questions? Let us know in the comments below!


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