Essential Winter Skincare Tips

Essential Winter Skincare Tips


Let’s talk about winter skin. As much as we love the leaves falling, Starbucks pumpkin lattes, and the crisp, clean air, it is havoc on the skin. The dry, cold air needs a dermatology regimen all of its own. So, let us at Ocean Skin and Vein give you some dermatology tips on how to keep your skin looking its best during the holiday season!

  1. Switch out all of the lotions for creams– ideally for face, hands, and body. Why? Lotions are an alcohol base, creams are oil based. Better absorption and ideal for dry weather.
  2. Even though the hot air running in the house and hot water in the shower feels amazing, its just contributing to the already drying skin. Try Luke warm water and a moderate temperature. It’s better for you and your energy bill!
  3. Moisturize after the shower. Try to leave some moisture from the steam on your skin and apply the creams. It will absorb better and trap the hydration in.
  4. Keep your vaseline in your pocket. It’s cheap. It’s effective. Yes, it’s greasy, but again, if you wet your hands or lips before applying it, it traps in the water so you are hydrated longer!
  5. Easy one: Drink water!! Tea and coffee are so nice and warm, but dehydrating. Consider hot water with lemon.
  6. Gentle cream cleansers over gel or foaming cleaners. Don’t strip the oils you have already!
  7. Cut back on the tretinoin or retinol. I know, after all my touting about the benefits, winter dry skin just doesn’t tolerate the vitamin A miracle drug as well. Consider doing it 2-3x a week as tolerated and slap on the heavy moisturizer after.

Some of our favorite products at Ocean Skin and Vein for dry weather are:


  • Eucerin Cream
  • Cerave
  • Aquaphor
  • Cetaphil cream
  • Vanicream


  • Olay Active Hydrating Cream
  • Tatcha Water Cream
  • Laroche Posay Double Pair moisturizer
  • Cerave PM Moisturizer
  • EltaMd PM

For more personalized advice, see your board certified dermatologist (at Ocean Skin and Vein!)


Retinoath Serum
Inzincable Suncreen
CE Ferulic Serum
Vitamin Fortified Cream
TNS Recovery Complex
Retinol Serum
Eye Bundle: Brightening Eye Masks and Sleep Silk Mask
Blue Light Spot Treatment
Microcurrent Contour
Eryfotona Actinica Daily mineral SPF 50+ sunscreen TINTED
Rapid Growth Serum
Skin Drops ISDIN - Bronze
Skin Drops Foundation - Sand
EltaMD UV Clear SPF 46
ISDEN Eryfotona Actinica Daily mineral SPF 50+ sunscreen
Alastin Mineral Brush
Hydrating Eye Serum
Clay Mint Mask
Multi Acid Enzyme Cleanser
Gentle Cream Cleanser
Azelaic Acid
Polyglutamic Serum
Microbiome Serum
Niacinamide Serum
Silk Bundle-Pillowcase, Eye Mask, and Face Mask
Silk Face Mask
Silk Eye Mask
Silk Pillowcase
Brightening Eye Masks
TBH Facial Serum

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