Dermatology DO’s and DONT’s for your 30’s

Dermatology DO’s and DONT’s for your 30’s


  • Dermatology DO #1: continue Retinol or Tretinoin every night (we’ve got one for you!)
  • Dermatology DO #2: start and antioxidant or skin specific serum
  • Dermatology DO #3: apply a thicker eye cream with retinol to avoid fine lines and thinning
  • Dermatology DO #4: wear sunscreen, as always!
  • Dermatology DO #5: start skin checks with a dermatologist (like us!)
  • Dermatology DO #6: wear hydrating makeup to improve skin texture and minimize breakouts
  • Dermatology DO #7: cut back on screen time— the long term effects of the light from phone screens are still pending!
  • Dermatology DO #8: take a vitamin for your hair, skin and nails
  • Dermatology DO #9: get 8 hours of sleep and sleep on your back — self care is key!
  • Dermatology DO #10: consider preventative Botox and Dysport
  • Dermatology DO #11: use thicker moisturizers on your face and body
  • Dermatology DO #12: start the appropriate serum, chemical peels, and microneedling treatments
  • Dermatology DO #13: Minimize alcohol intake!

  • DON’T skimp on products, its time to splurge (based on professional recommendation, of course) on moisturizers, serums, and antioxidants
  • DON’T use lotions, switch to creams
  • DON’T use a washcloth!
  • DON’T avoid your neck— Looking down at screens and books left us all with unwanted wrinkles. You will thank a good neck cream (checks ours out!)

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