Ocean Skin and Vein Institute focuses on injectables, lasers and light procedure. We offer comprehensive, cosmetic dermatologic procedures.

Botox and Xeomin treatment

The Wrinkle Combator - Neuromodulators (Botox & Xeomin)

• Prevent and Erase those fine lines and wrinkles

Liquid Lift treatment

The Liquid Lift - Hyaluronic acid fillers

• Lift and combat the volume loss associated with aging
• Volume enhancement for Lips, cheeks

Chemical Peels

The Clean Slate - Chemical Peels

• Reveal that glowing new skin
• Facial peels (glycolic, mandelic, lactic, TCA, and salicylic)
• Cryopeel (Liquid Nitrogen peel)


The “I-want-it-all”

• Get rid of uneven tone, visible pores, wrinkles, acne scarring, dark spots
• Microneedling
• PRP + Microneedling

PRP Hair regrower

The Hair regrower


Spot remover

The spot-remover

• IPL - for red blood vessels and brown sun spots on the face, neck and chest

Fat Fighter

The Fat Fighter

• Kybella

Pimple Popper

The Pimple Popper

• Milia removal
• Cyst removal
• Acne clearing - Silk peel

Vein Vanity

The Vein Vanity (Dr. Duffy and Dr. Khalsa)

• Sclerotherapy
• Venous Ablation


Ocean Skin And Vein Institute